Letter of Instruction No. 1397, s. 1984



To: The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports
The Minister of the Budget
The Officer in Charge, National Museum
All Others Concerned

Whereas, the National Museum plays a key role in the development of national consciousness, through the exercise of its research and educational functions and the preservation of tangible evidence of Philippine history and culture;

Whereas the effectiveness of the Philippine educational system can be enhanced with closer coordination between educational and Museum activities;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E, MARCOS, President of the Philippines by virtue of the powers vested in me by Law, do hereby Order and Instruct:

1. The National Museum shall restructure its permanent exhibits so as to present the full picture of the land and the peoples of the Philippines, including the major aspects of geography, flora, fauna, history, and culture in a manner that supports and complements the curricular content of the educational system;

2. Permanent exhibits shall be organized on geography, flora, fauna, history, culture (particularly painting and sculpture), in order to present at all times, to students and to members of the public, a comprehensive picture of the Philippines and Filipinos;

3. Special exhibits shall be organized from time to time on areas of interest. Memorabilia of famous Filipinos donated to the National Museum shall be the subject of special exhibits from time to time and shall not necessarily be on permanent display due to space constraints;

4. Administrative offices of the Museum shall be located in such as way as to concentrate as much of the permanent exhibitions as possible in .he most accessible places of the Executive House. If necessary, office space shall be rented as feasible under the Museum’s programmed budget;

5. Maximum support from existing Museum resources shall be given to research and publications activities, in order to expand new knowledge. The museum shall publish such guidebooks, catalogues, scholarly papers, and other material as will enhance its educational functions;

6. The conservation, restoration and storage of Museum objects, including ethnographic, archaeological, paintings, sculpture, and other Museum objects shall be improved;

7. The Museum shall reorient its. cultural objects registration activities to give priority attention to the preparation of an inventory of cultural properties owned by the national government, government owned or controlled corporations, state universities and colleges, local government units, and other agencies of government;

8. A Museum Shop shall be organized with the assistance of the Friends of the National Museum, Inc. and/or other suitable private group, in order to provide a source of Museum income. Adequate space shall be made available within Museum premises to allow the display and sale of ‘ books, reproductions, souvenirs, and other suitable items. Proceeds may be deposited in a special account with a government financial institution, to be utilized in furtherance of Museum objectives, under such procedures as may be approved by the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports with the concurrence of the Commission on Audit;

9. The Minister of the Budget shall release as soon as possible the programmed equipment allocation of the Museum;

10. Museum savings are hereby authorized to be used for the acquisition of Museum items, the improvement of permanent exhibitions and the pursuit of its research and publications programs;

11. The Museum shall coordinate with the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Museum, of Philippine Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, the National Historical Institute, the Intramuros Administration, and other related agencies of government, for the purpose of achieving an integrated Museum program of government; and

12. The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports shall oversee the program of action to comply with these Instructions, with the assistance of such private and public sector advisers and volunteers as he may identify.

Done, in the City of Manila, this 11th day of April, nineteen hundred and eighty four.


Source: Presidential Management Staff