Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK I/Chapter 4-National Symbols and Official Languages]


National Symbols and Official Languages

SECTION 12. National Flag.—(1) The flag of the Philippines shall be red, white and blue, with a sun and three stars, as consecrated and honored by the people and recognized by law.

(2) The custody, ceremonial use, occasion and manner of display, and the proper care and disposition of the flag shall be governed by appropriate rules and regulations.

SECTION 13. National Anthem.—Until otherwise provided by law, the musical arrangement and composition of Julian Felipe is adopted as the national anthem. It shall be sung or played upon the opening or start of all state celebrations or gatherings and on such other occasions as may be prescribed by appropriate rules and regulations.

SECTION 14. Arms and Great Seal of the Republic of the Philippines.—(1) The Arms shall have paleways of two (2) pieces, azure and gules; a chief argent studded with three mullets equidistant from each other; and, in point of honor, ovoid argent over all the sun rayonnant with eight minor and lesser rays. Beneath shall be a scroll with the words “Republic of the Philippines,” or its equivalent in the national language, inscribed thereon.

(2) The Great Seal shall be circular in form, with the arms as described in the preceding paragraph, but without the scroll and the inscription thereon, and surrounding the whole, a double marginal circle within which shall appear the words “Republic of the Philippines,” or its equivalent in the national language. For the purpose of placing the Great Seal, the color of the arms shall not be deemed essential.

SECTION 15. Use and Custody of Great Seal.—The Great Seal shall be affixed to or placed upon all commissions signed by the President and upon such other official documents and papers of the Republic of the Philippines as may be provided by law, or as may be required by custom and usage. The President shall have custody of the Great Seal.

SECTION 16. Arms, Seals and Banners of Government Offices.—The various offices of government may adopt appropriate coat-of-arms, seals and banners.

SECTION 17. Official Languages.—Until otherwise provided by law, Pilipino and English shall be the official languages.

Executive Order No. 292