Statement: President Corazon Aquino on her arrival in Canada

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Statement of President Corazon C. Aquino:
On her arrival in Canada

[Released on November 6, 1989]


Being the first Philippine President to visit Canada to strengthen the friendship between two peoples, the President has come to thank Canada for all the support in our struggle for freedom.

Thank you, Your Excellency, for the warm and generous welcome. I am fortunate to be honored as the first Philippine president to visit Canada and to strengthen, by a direct hand, the friendship between our two peoples.

That friendship is old and tested. It has risen beyond diplomatic courtesies to very substantial gestures of help and support from Canada to the Filipino people. In our struggle for freedom, Canada stood by us. In our uncertain triumph, Canada stood guarantee for the legitimacy of our new government and our new democracy. In those perilous days when all we had was faith in the lightness of our cause, Canada stepped forward to hail a new, free, and sovereign nation. The Canadian ambassador was the first to present his credentials to the new administration.

I have come to thank your country for its past support and express our confidence and desire to see the evolution of your unilateral generosity into a mutually advantageous cooperation through the expansion of our trade and in the joint development of the tremendous possibilities for shared prosperity that lie within my country and throughout the Pacific. Canada has expressed the desire to launch a Pacific initiative. The Philippines will be with her. Thank you.

Source: Presidential Museum and Library

Aquino, C. C. (1989). Speeches of President Corazon C. Aquino : August – December  1989. [Manila : Office of the President of the Philippines].