Diosdado Macapagal



Diosdado Macapagal

Birth 28 September 1910, Lubao, Pampanga
Parents Urbano Macapagal (a vernacular playwright) 

Romana Pangan

Ethnic Affiliation Pampango
Spouse Purita de la Rosa (first wife; sister of actor 

Rogelio de la Rosa; died on 27 October 1943)

Evangelina Macaraeg, M.D. (married 5 May 1946)

Children Cielo, Arturo (with Purita de la Rosa) 

Gloria, Diosdado, Jr. (with Evangelina Macaraeg)

Education University of the Philippines – Associate in Arts (1933) 

University of Santo Tomas – Bachelor of Laws (1936)

Master of Laws (1941), Doctor of Civil Laws (1947)

Doctor of Philosophy in Economics (1957)

Pre-profession Poet
Occupation or Profession Lawyer 

Professor of Law

Previous positions Legal assistant in the Office of President Manuel L. Quezon and President Jose P. Laurel 

Public school teacher

Chief of the legal division – Department of

Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C., Representative (two-terms), Vice President

Political Party Liberal Party
Military Service
Legislative: Local
Legislative: Lower House Representative 

Committee Chairman

Legislative: Upper House
Executive: Local Government
Executive: Provincial Government
Executive Bureaucracy Asst. Secretary of Foreign Affairs for Legal Affairs
Executive: National Government Vice-President
Other 1st in Bar 

President, 1971 Constitutional Convention,

Member of the Council of State (Aquino administration), Member of the National Security Council (Aquino and Ramos administrations), honorary Chairman of the National Centennial Commission

Running Mate Senator Emmanuel Pelaez
Election Adversaries President Carlos P. Garcia
Term of Office 1961-1965
Age at First Inauguration 51
Death 21 April 1997, Makati City


Population 29.2 million (1962) 

36,684,486 (1970)

GDP P234,828 million (1962); P273,769 million (1965)
GDP Growth Rate 5.15 % (1962-65 average)
Income Per Capita P8,042 (1962); P 8,617 (1965)
Total Exports P46,177 million (1962); P66,216 million (1965)
Unemployment Rate 8.00 % (1962); 7.2 % (1965)
Peso -US $ exchange rate P3.80 to $1 (1962); P3.90 to $1 (1965)
Source: National Statistical Coordination Board, National Accounts of the Philippines; National Statistics Office, Philippine Statistical Yearbook (various years) –  monetary values are in 1985 constant prices.

Source: www.census.gov.ph; A.V.H. Hartendorp, History of Industry and Trade of the Philippines (Manila: American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, 1958), 730.

*From Malaya, J. Eduardo, and Jonathan E. Malaya. …So Help Us God: The Presidents of the Philippines and Their Inaugural Addresses. Pasig: Anvil Publishing Inc., 2004.  Reproduced with permission of the authors.