PHLPost announces new rates for ordinary mails

From the Philippine Postal Corporation

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) announced the rationalized price changes for its Domestic Ordinary Mail (DOM) Service delivered via Intra Mail, Inter-Land, and Inter-Air effective July 15, 2014.

For the Intra Mail, the cost of sending a first-class single-piece letter posted from one province/city for delivery to the same province/city shall now be P10.00.

The applicable rate for Inter-Land, which are mails posted from one province for delivery to another province by land transport, shall be P12.00 for a minimum weight of 20 grams.

Meanwhile, the new rate for Inter-Air shall now cost P15.00 per 20g of mail. These are mails posted from one province for delivery to another province, conveyed or transported by air.

The new postage rates shall be adjusted according to the corresponding weight steps in gram, and will be placed in all post offices nationwide.

PHLPost has indicated that the price adjustment is necessary to cover the increase in its operations, including conveyance and transportation expenses. It was in 2010 when PHLPost had its last rate increase for ordinary mails.

However, PHLPost assures the public that it will be globally-competitive and ready to serve the increasing demands of the customers.

Despite the increase, PHLPost remains an affordable choice for postal services. It has the universal service obligation to operate and deliver mails even to remote areas, having the widest reach among couriers in the country.