DOTC Department Order No. 2015-014

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Republic of the Philippines
Department of Transportation and Communications
Land Transportation Office

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18 February 2015


In the interest of public service and in order to further streamline the processing of transactions, the following rules and regulations governing the establishment of Driver’s License Renewal Offices (DLRO’s)and its operations are hereby prescribed and promulgated for the compliance, information and guidance of all concerned, in accordance with the provisions of Republic Act No. 4136, otherwise known as the Land Transportation and Traffic Code and as amended by Batas Pambansa Blg. 398.

  1. SCOPE

1.1 This Order revises all rules and regulations governing the establishment of Driver’s License Renewal centers (DLRCs), including its operations.

1.2 These guidelines define the structure and procedures designed to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of the driver’s license renewal process and the laws, rules and regulations implementing the same.


2.1 Driver – shall mean any licensed operator of a motor vehicle.

2.2 Non-Professional Driver’s License (NDPL) – is an authority embodied in a form prescribed by the LTO to a person to operate a private motor vehicle.

2.3 Professional Driver’s License (PDL) – is an authority embodied in a form prescribed by the LTO to a person to operate a private or public utility vehicle. Nothing in this definition shall be construed to prohibit the holder of a professional driver’s license from operating a private vehicle without compensation.

2.4 Conductor’s License – is an authority embodied in a form prescribed by the LTO to a person to assist the driver of a public utility vehicle to collect fares and/or to ensure the safety of the passengers and/or cargoes while the said vehicle is in operation.

2.5 Accredited Physician – refers to any practicing doctor of medicine duly licensed to practice medicine in the Philippines, who examines applicants for driver’s and conductors’ licenses and issue medical certificates as proof thereof.

2.6 Medical Certificate – is a statement from a physician that attests to the result of a medical examination done on an applicant.

2.7 Drivers with Partial Disability – refers to drivers given certain limitations as a result of a partial physical impairment.

2.8 Driver’s License Renewal Office (DLRO) – is an LTO renewal office that caters to the plain renewal of driver’s and conductor’s licenses without alarm or change in information.


All DLROs must be established in commercial centers with the following criteria to be complied with.

  1. The lease contract/agreement shall be between the LTO and the commercial center;
  2. The agreement shall be for the free use of space for a period of five (5) years together with one (1)42 inch LED TV and the Computer System necessary for the operation of LTO;
  3. The floor area of the office space subject of the agreement must be a segregated area of at least 25 sq. meters for the exclusive use of the LTO, exclusive of the waiting area, which shall be provided for by the commercial center also free of charge;
  4. The location/area must have available and sufficient data communications link served by at least one (1) telecommunications company; and
  5. There must be ample supply of electricity in the area to meet the required LTO system requirements in terms of electrical and cabling provisions of service providers.

The application by the commercial centers shall be evaluated by the LTO Center Office Committee on Transfer and Creation of LTO Offices and recommended for approval to the Assistant Secretary, who shall, in turn, recommend the same to the Secretary of Transportation & Communications for approval. Upon approval, the signing officials in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) shall be the Assistant Secretary and the Regional Director. Attached herewith is the MOA to be utilized for this purpose.


Each DLRO shall be operated by at least four (4) personnel from its nearest LTO District Office to a DLRO, at least two (2) of which must be organic.


  1. One (1) personnel shall be assigned as an Evaluator, who is tasked to receive submitted documents. The Evaluator shall also encode the expiration date of the renewed driver’s license.
  2. One (1) personnel shall be the Cashier, who is tasked to collect fees, print Official Receipt (OR) of payment and release the license card and the OR to the applicant.
  3. One (1) personnel shall be tasked to take the picture, signature and print the driver’s license card of the applicant.
  4. One (1) personnel shall be tasked to scan all supporting documents and perform such other functions as may be necessary except for (a.) and (b.) above.

In every case, each employee must be knowledgeable of the entire DLRO process so that the flow will not be interrupted in case anyone of them is not available to perform their designated task, including:

  1. To determine whether or not the driver’s license is due for renewal, on alarm or should be endorsed to the nearest LTO Licensing Offices due to changes of information;
  2. To evaluate the medical certificate issued by any licensed physician and determine whether or not the same is sufficient for the purpose of securing a driver’s license;
  3. To take the picture, signature and print the driver’s license card of the applicant, and
  4. To receive payment and release the new driver’s license card to the applicant together with the OR.

Only LTO organic personnel can substitute or perform the duties of the Evaluator and the Cashier in case of the unavailability to the designated personnel.

The LTO Regional Director shall submit a certification under oath that the deployment of the assigned personnel to the DLRO shall not hamper the operations of the district office to which it is attached to. However, in case when the assigned personnel to the DLRO is not available, the District Office shall send a substitute organic personnel for the unavailable employee.

LTO personnel in DLROs shall also be required to submit monthly reports of its transactions for submission to its district Office, which shall in turn submit its consolidated report to its Regional Office, which is then tasked to consolidate all District Office reports for submission to the Central Office.


5.1 Non-Professional Driver’s License (NPDL)

5.2 Professional Driver’s License (PDL)

5.3 Conductor’s License (CL)

  1. Current Non-Professional Driver’s License (NPDL), Professional Driver’s License (PDL) or Conductor’s License (CL) may apply for its renewal at least 1 month before its expiration but not more than two (2) years therefrom;
    1. If the expiry date falls on a weekend, holiday or non-working day, the license shall be renewed on or before the last working day prior to the expiry date of such licenses as provided for in the third paragraph of Section 24 of Republic Act No. 4136, otherwise the same shall become delinquent and invalid, except when the license is surrendered to the Director of his deputies on or before the last working day prior to the expiry date of such license as specified, in order to avoid payment of the delinquency fees.
  2. Medical Certificates issued by any licensed and practicing physician and valid within fifteen (15) days from the date issued.
  3. Tax Identification Number (TIN) (only for professional driver’s license applicants).
  4. Payment of required fees and charges.
  5. Personal appearance for photo-taking and biometric signature.

Window 1

Applicant will submit his/her expired driver’s license together with a Medical Certificate from any Accredited Physician to the LTO Evaluator.

  • The Evaluator validates if the license is due for renewal and shows a screen shot of the present driver’s license data to the applicant. If the applicant affirms that the information is correct, the Evaluator shall return the expired license card to the applicant and shall then transmit the data for picture/signature taking.

– If the applicant wishes to change any information in his/her data and additional restriction, said applicant shall be advised to go to the nearest LTO Licensing Center.

– If the license of the applicant is on alarm, the evaluator will inform the applicant to settle his/her apprehension before his/her license can be renewed.

Window 2

Upon receiving the transmitted data from LTO evaluator, the concerned personnel shall take the picture and signature of the applicant. The applicant then proceeds to the last window.

Window 3

The Cashier will receive payment and release the new driver’s license card to the applicant.

Applicants who submit fake medical certificates shall not be allowed to renew their license, and any license issued on the basis of a fake certificate shall be put on alarm and immediately recalled. The applicant shall also be disqualified from securing a driver’s/conductor’s license in the future in accordance with existing rules.

  1. Any official and/or employee violating this Order shall be subject to appropriate administrative action in accordance with existing Civil Service Rules and Regulations.

All prior orders, circulars and memoranda as well as any related issuance of part thereof inconsistent with these provisions, including Department Order No. 2007-33 and Department Order No. 2010, are hereby repealed or amended accordingly.


Should any part hereof be declared unconstitutional or in violation of any existing law, the provisions not so affected shall remain valid and in full force and effect.


This Order shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation.


Assistant Secretary