For the Record: A timeline of the case of Mary Jane Veloso

The Department of Foreign Affairs has pieced together a timeline of Mary Jane Veloso’s case, from April 22, 2010, the day she left the country to become a domestic helper, to April 29, 2015, the day it was announced that the Indonesian government has granted her a stay of execution.

22 April 2010  

·      Ms. Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso left for Malaysia to work as a domestic helper. She was recruited by her neighbor, Maria Cristina Sergio, a.k.a. Tintin, a town mate. After a few days in Kuala Lumpur, Ms. Sergio asked her to Indonesia to meet Ms. Sergio’s friend in Yogyakarta. Ms. Veloso acceded as she was afraid to be left on her own in a hotel with mostly male African nationals.


·      According to Ms. Veloso, Ms. Sergio replaced her bag with a bigger bag shortly before her departure for Yogyakarta. This was to accommodate the new clothes given to her by Ms. Sergio as gifts.


·      After 3 days in Kuala Lumpur, on April 25, Ms. Veloso left for Yogyakarta.


25 Apr 2010 ·      Ms. Veloso was apprehended by the Customs and Excise Authorities at the Audisucipto International Airport in Yogyakarta, Indonesia upon her arrival from Malaysia due to alleged possession of 2.6 kilograms (2,600 grams) of heroin found in her luggage. (Note: Indonesian law penalizes by death bringing in processed drugs like heroin in excess of 5 grams.)
30 Apr 2010 ·      The Indonesian Police Directorate on Narcotics sent a letter informing the Philippine Embassy in Jakarta (Jakarta PE) of the apprehension of Ms. Veloso in Yogyakarta. Letter was received before May 06.
06 May 2010 ·      Jakarta PE sent a Note Verbale to the Indonesian Foreign Ministry to obtain a status report on the arrest of Ms. Veloso.
07 May 2010 ·      Jakarta PE sent communications to DFA Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers’ Affairs (OUMWA) confirming the arrest of Ms. Veloso and informed the DFA that it had sent a Note to the Indonesian Foreign Ministry on the subject.
26 May 2010 ·      Ms. Maritess Veloso-Laurente sought the assistance of the DFA relative to the arrest and detention of her sister, Ms. Veloso.

·      DFA endorsed to Jakarta PE the request of Ms. Laurente and requested for Jakarta PE to send updated developments on the case.

27 May 2010 ·      The Provincial Police of the Special Region in Yogyakarta informed the Director General of Protocol and Consular Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, copy furnished Jakarta PE, the status of the case of Ms. Veloso who was detained at the Directorate of Narcotics, Provincial Police of Yogyakarta for possession of narcotics.
28 May 2010 ·      Jakarta PE received the accomplished Assistance-to-National (ATN) form and handwritten letter of Ms. Laurente, concerning her request for assistance on the case of her sister, Ms. Veloso.
03 June 2010 ·      DFA informed Jakarta PE that Ms. Laurente had been informed of the status report sent by Post.
24 June 2010 ·      Indonesian Police authorities informed Jakarta PE that the investigation had been completed and the case files were turned over to the Public Prosecutor on 23 June 2010.
05 July 2010 ·      DFA endorsed to Jakarta PE the request of Ms. Laurente for updates on the case of her sister. According to her, Ms. Veloso contacted them on 23 June 2010 informing that she was transferred to another detention facility.


07 July 2010 ·      Jakarta PE sent communications informing DFA that the case of Ms. Veloso had been elevated by the Police to the Prosecutor’s Office.

·      Jakarta PE also reported that it was informed by the Prosecutor that a hearing would be held in the District Court of Yogyakarta.

13  July 2010 ·      DFA informed Jakarta PE that Ms. Laurente was informed of Jakarta PE’s report.
22 July 2010 ·      Jakarta PE sent communication informing DFA that it would send Embassy staff to Yogyakarta to personally ascertain the physical and mental condition of Ms. Veloso and to obtain more information regarding the case.


28 July 2010


·      Philippine Embassy representatives visited Ms. Veloso in prison to ascertain her condition, learn more about her case and ensure that her legal rights are protected.


·      Both Ms. Veloso and the Philippine Embassy representative were able to talk with Ms. Veloso’s mother over the phone.

04 Aug 2010 ·      Jakarta PE representatives attended the hearing of the case at the District Court of Justice of Sleman and coordinated with the Public Prosecutor. Ms. Veloso was represented by a pro bono lawyer.
06 Aug 2010 ·      DFA wrote Ms. Laurente and Mr. Michael Candelaria (common law partner of Ms. Veloso) about the jail visit conducted and hearing attended by representatives of Jakarta PE, and that representations were made with the prosecutor handling the case. They were also informed that Ms. Veloso appeared to be in good physical and mental condition.
09 Aug 2010 ·      DFA requested Jakarta PE to attend the scheduled hearing and ensure that Ms. Veloso was represented by a lawyer.
10 Aug 2010 ·      Jakarta PE recommended to OUMWA the travel of Embassy representatives to Yogyakarta to talk to Ms. Veloso, her lawyer and the Public Prosecutor.
11 Aug 2010 ·      Jakarta PE informed the Department that contrary to reports received from Ms. Laurente, Ms. Veloso was represented by a lawyer.
12 Aug 2010 ·      Embassy representatives traveled to Yogyakarta to meet with the lawyer and the Public Prosecutor.
16 Aug 2010 ·      The Philippine Embassy, together with the Public Prosecutor, visited Ms. Veloso at the detention center.


08 Sep 2010 ·      Hearing was delayed due to the absence of the Prosecutor.
29 Sep 2010 ·      DFA sent communications to Jakarta PE requesting for updates.
04 Oct 2010 ·      During the hearing of the case, the Public Prosecutor presented before the Sleman District Court her recommendation for life imprisonment as penalty for the offense.
11 Oct 2010 ·      The District Court of Justice of Sleman in Yogyakarta meted Ms. Veloso the death penalty.

·      Ms. Veloso, through her lawyer, submitted a Letter of Intent to Appeal to the same court to signify her intention to appeal the death penalty to the Court of Appeals of Yogyakarta.

18 Oct 2010 ·      DFA was also informed of the visit of the Consular Officer and Administrative Officer to Yogyakarta to confirm the filing of the appeal and to meet with Ms. Veloso, her lawyer and the Public Prosecutor.
21 Oct 2010 ·      Jakarta PE hired the services of Rudyantho & Partners to handle the case of Ms. Veloso.
22 Oct 2010 ·      Embassy accompanied the private lawyer to Yogyakarta to interview Ms. Veloso to finalize the Memorandum of Appeal, and to obtain copies of the 30-page decision of the Sleman District Court and Investigation conducted by the Public Prosecutor.

·      Embassy representative conducted two visits in October 2010.

02 Nov 2010 ·      Private lawyer filed a Memorandum of Appeal with the Appeals Court of Yogyakarta (First Appeal).
1 Dec 2010 ·      Jakarta PE requested the jail warden to immediately arrange a medical check-up for Ms. Veloso after being informed that Ms. Veloso was said to be ill. The physician diagnosed Ms. Veloso as suffering from slight anemia and prescribed appropriate medication and also prescription eyeglasses to address her headache.
19 Dec 2010 ·      Jakarta PE made a phone call to Ms. Veloso to follow up on her condition.
10 Feb 2011 ·      The Court of Appeals of Yogyakarta upheld the death penalty sentence of Ms. Veloso.

·      Jakarta PE representative, together with the private lawyer, travelled to Yogyakarta to secure Ms. Veloso’s signature for the Special Power of Attorney (SPA) to file her Memorandum of Appeal.

21 Feb 2011 ·      Atty. Rudyantho filed a Memorandum of Appeal to the Supreme Court of Indonesia on behalf of Ms. Veloso (Second Appeal).
21 Apr 2011 ·      Jakarta PE made a phone call to Mary Jane Veloso to check on her health condition.
28 Apr 2011 ·      Jakarta PE was informed by the Office of Rudyantho & Partners that the Sleman District Court was reviewing the merits of the appeal, prior to submission to the Supreme Court.
31 May 2011 ·      The Supreme Court upheld the Death Penalty sentence of Ms. Veloso.
15 July 2011 ·      Embassy representative visited Ms. Veloso.
23 Aug 2011 ·      The President sent a Letter of Clemency addressed to then-Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono requesting pardon for Ms. Veloso.
18 Nov 2011 ·      The Indonesian Government informs the Embassy that under Indonesian law, “the convicted person, or through her lawyer, and the family of the convicted person, are required to submit a written personal request for clemency to the President of the Republic of Indonesia.”
25 Nov 2011 ·      Ms. Veloso’s lawyer submitted a letter of request for clemency to then-Indonesian President Yudhoyono.
15 Dec 2011 ·      DFA transmitted to Jakarta PE the handwritten letter of clemency from Ms. Veloso’s family, addressed to both then-Indonesian President Yudhoyono and the Sleman District Court. Jakarta PE delivered typewritten copies of the letter to the Indonesian Foreign Ministry, the Sleman District Court and District Attorney’s Office.
13 Feb 2012 ·      Jakarta PE representative personally delivered to the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs the letter of Secretary del Rosario addressed to then Foreign Minister Dr. R.M. Marty M. Natalegawa, echoing the appeal made by the President for the reconsideration of the penalty imposed on Ms. Veloso.
26 Mar 2012 ·      Jakarta PE representative, together with Ms. Veloso’s lawyers, visited Ms. Veloso to update her on the case. Ms. Veloso was very happy to read the President’s letter of clemency addressed to then Indonesian President Yudhoyono.
10 Apr 2012 ·      The District Court of Sleman transmitted to then Indonesian President Yudhoyono and the Chief Justice pertinent documents relative to the application for clemency of Ms. Veloso
17 Apr 2012 ·      Jakarta PE made a phone call to the Narcotics Penitentiary Warden to check on Ms. Veloso’s condition and state of health.
23 Apr 2012 ·      President Yudhoyono wrote a letter to President Aquino, acknowledging the latter’s Letter of Clemency and informing President Aquino that they “will give [Ms. Veloso’s case] a thorough and careful consideration in accordance with Indonesia’s relevant laws and regulations.”
25 Apr 2013 ·      Ms. Veloso requested assistance of the Embassy in facilitating the issuance of passport to her mother, who was planning to visit her.
29 May 2013 ·      DFA provided the Embassy with information on the proposed jail visit of Ms. Veloso’s next-of-kin (NOK). Meanwhile, the Embassy was requested to inquire from appropriate authorities if there is a need for the NOK to request for permission to visit Ms. Veloso.

·      Three family members of Ms. Veloso were able to visit Ms. Veloso. This initial trip of the family and all expenses were provided for by “friends” of Mary Jane from Yogyakarta Penitentiary.

21/22 Nov 2013 ·      Jakarta PE representatives visited Ms. Veloso at the Women’s Detention Center in Yogyakarta. Ms. Veloso was doing physically and psychologically well. She kept herself occupied working as a prison clinic assistant and as the lone custodian of the prison’s newly-installed communications booth, where inmates would place outgoing telephone calls for a fee. She reported that she was now able to contact her family in the Philippines more often with the earnings from her prison responsibilities.

·      Throughout 2013, Jakarta PE continuously monitored the condition of Ms. Veloso through phone calls to the jail officials.

13 May 2014 ·      Jakarta PE requested the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights to schedule a jail visit to Ms. Veloso.
October 2014 ·      Several follow ups by Jakarta PE to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights on the approval and scheduling of the visit by Jakarta PE’s ATN Team went unanswered. The Indonesian side was not able to act on the request and the year ended without the visit being implemented.
30 Dec 2014 ·      Indonesian President Joko Widodo issued a Presidential Decision rejecting all pending requests for executive clemency, particularly for drug-related cases including that of Ms. Veloso.


*Note: President Aquino’s appeal for clemency for Ms. Veloso was not decided upon during the term of former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

09 Jan 2015 ·      The Embassy received a Note Verbale dated 08 January 2015 from the Indonesian Foreign Ministry stating that the request for clemency on behalf of Filipino death convict Ms. Veloso was denied by Indonesian President Joko Widodo.
13 Jan 2015 ·      Atty. Rudyantho of Rudyantho & Partners law firm met with Embassy officers to provide options available to Ms. Veloso.   He informed the Embassy that unless a judicial review will be officially filed in court, the execution of Ms. Veloso will proceed.

19 Jan 2015

·      Atty. Rudyantho formally filed the application for judicial review of Ms. Veloso’s case at the District Court of Justice of Sleman, Yogyakarta (Third Appeal).

·      Jakarta PE informed the Indonesian Foreign Ministry of the said filing.

20 Jan 2015 ·      The Secretary sent a letter to Indonesian FM Marsudi requesting that the Indonesian courts give due course to the petition for judicial review of Ms. Veloso’s case.
22 Jan 2015 ·      The President sent a letter to Indonesian President Joko Widodo requesting application of a judicial review for the case of Mary Jane Veloso.
26 Jan 2015 ·      Atty. Rudyantho conveyed initial information that the second batch of convicts for execution is scheduled on 30 January 2015.   (The first batch was executed on 18 January consisting of 5 foreigners and 1 Indonesian national.)


·      Ms. Veloso’s name was already included as the 11th in the death row list prior to the preemptive moves made by the Philippine Embassy in Jakarta and Atty. Rudyantho.   Indonesia plans to execute 20 death convicts this year.

28 January 2015 ·      Secretary Del Rosario personally handed over his letter to Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno L.P. Marsudi during their pull-aside meeting at the ASEAN Foreign Ministers Retreat in Kota Kinabalu requesting the Indonesian authorities to give due course to the Application for Judicial Review of Ms. Veloso’s case.


·      Jakarta PE representatives visited Ms. Veloso at the Penitentiary. She was relieved over the developments in her case. She was assured of the Philippine Government’s continued full support and was informed that her lawyer had already filed the petition for Judicial Review.

04 Feb 2015 ·      Indonesian Foreign Minister Marsudi wrote a reply letter to Secretary Del Rosario informing that the Indonesian Government had taken measures to guarantee the rights of all those sentenced to death, and will also ensure that all available legal avenues have been undertaken according to the Indonesian positive law and judicial system.
05 Feb 2015 ·      SFA invited the next-of-kin of Ms. Veloso to visit the DFA to reinforce their peace of mind that the Philippine Government was undertaking all efforts to save Mary Jane.
09 Feb 2015 ·      Secretary Del Rosario apprised Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno L.P. Marsudi of his intention to quietly visit Mary Jane Veloso in Yogyakarta.

·      During the courtesy call of Indonesian President Joko Widodo on President Aquino, the latter once again appealed the case of Mary Jane.

18 Feb 2015 ·      The family members of Ms. Veloso, together with DFA and Embassy representatives, called on Public Prosecutor Sri Anggraeni upon their arrival in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


·      During the call, the Prosecutor informed Ms. Veloso’s family that the documents of the case are still with the Supreme Court. She also said that Ms. Veloso’s name will remain in the list of prisoners to be executed until a final decision is reached on the Petition for Judicial Review.

19 Feb 2015 ·      The Prosecutor and Fr. Keiser joined the family of Ms. Veloso and representatives from OUMWA and Jakarta PE in their second prison visit to the Yogyakarta Penitentiary.


·      Ms. Veloso was emotional when she met her family. The prison authorities allowed the family to be with Ms. Veloso from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

·      Ms. Veloso’s family and the representatives from DFA and Jakarta PE met with Fr. Kieser again during dinner. Fr. Kieser assured Ms. Veloso’s family of his continued moral support to Ms. Veloso.

21 Feb 2015 ·      Third day of the prison visit. A mass was offered by Fr. Kieser for Ms. Veloso and her family. The visit lasted for 6 ½ hours.

·      In Jakarta, Ms. Veloso’s family was informed by Atty. Rudyantho that they are still waiting for the Supreme Court to return all the case files to the lower court in Yogyakarta. He assured the family that he will do his best to help Ms. Veloso.

23 Feb 2015 ·      The records of the case were forwarded by the Supreme Court to the Sleman District Court in Yogyakarta and the hearing on the petition was set on 03 March 2015. The Department further engaged the services of lawyer Rudyantho to represent Ms. Veloso. Embassy representatives attended this hearing.
03 Mar 2015 ·      The Sleman District Court in Yogyakarta, Indonesia held the first hearing on the petition for Judicial Review.
04 Mar 2015 ·      On the second day of the hearing, the lower court handed down its decision ordering the endorsement of the case files to the Supreme Court in Jakarta to proceed with the Judicial Review.

·      Embassy representatives were present during the 2-day hearing.

13 Mar 2015 ·      President Joko Widodo, in his reply to the President’s letter on his appeal for a judicial review of the case of Mary Jane, assured that due process of law, as well as respect for her legal rights, had been rendered according to the prevailing law.
24 Mar 2015 ·      Secretary del Rosario visited Ms. Veloso and informed her of the status of her case as well as the assistance being extended by the Philippine Government.

·      Ms. Veloso asked Secretary del Rosario for his guarantee that educational assistance will be provided for her children. The Secretary assured her this would happen.

25 Mar 2015 ·      Secretary del Rosario called Indonesian Foreign Minister Marsudi before his departure, apprising the latter of his visit to Mary Jane Veloso.

·      During his visit with Mary Jane Veloso, he also met with the private lawyers of Ms. Veloso, the jail warden, and the spiritual counselor.

26 Mar 2015 ·      The Indonesian Supreme Court released on its website a report that it had rejected the Petition for Judicial Review filed by Ms. Veloso.
27 Mar 2015 ·      SFA was updated on the case, including Jakarta PE’s report that the private lawyer had not yet received an official written notice on the matter.
30 Mar 2015 ·      PDEA/PNP team travelled to Indonesia to visit and interview Ms. Veloso.

·      Philippine Ambassador to Indonesia Maria Lumen Isleta briefed them on the case of Ms. Veloso. The team was advised that any information they may obtain from Ms. Veloso regarding the circumstances leading to her arrest, including the identity of the syndicate that recruited her, will be material in filing a second Judicial Review.


31 Mar 2015 ·      Philippine Drug Enforcement Authority (PDEA) and Philippine National Police (PNP) officials interviewed Ms. Veloso in a comprehensive manner.
13 Apr 2015 ·      The President sent his second letter to Indonesian President Joko Widodo   (third, including the letter sent to Yudhoyono), requesting the grant of an executive clemency for Mary Jane Veloso.


(Note: President Widodo later replied to President Aquino in a letter, reaffirming his stance on drug-related offenses.)

15 Apr 2015 ·      The Department transmitted to Jakarta PE and the Indonesian Embassy in Manila the President’s letter dated 13 April 2015, conveying the renewed appeal for clemency for Mary Jane Veloso.


·      Atty. Rudyantho received a copy of the Supreme Court’s official decision denying the petition for judicial review filed by Rudyantho & Partners.

17 Apr 2015 ·      Ambassador Maria Lumen B. Isleta personally turned over to the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs an advance copy of President’s Aquino’s Letter of Clemency to President Joko Widodo. (This is the third letter to an Indonesian President, and the second to President Joko Widodo.)
20 Apr 2015 ·      DFA received PDEA’s official report on its interview with Ms. Veloso and sent an advance copy to Jakarta PE.
21 Apr 2015 ·      Jakarta PE sent copy of PDEA report for translation to Bahasa Indonesia.
22 Apr 2015 ·      Vice President Jejomar Binay made representations on behalf of Ms. Veloso’s case with Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla and other Indonesian officials during the Asia-Africa Commemorative Summit in Jakarta.
23 Apr 2015 ·      Ms. Veloso’s mother and two sons, accompanied by DFA representatives, left for Jakarta to visit Ms. Veloso.

·      On the night of 23 April 2015, when Jakarta PE began hearing rumors that Ms. Veloso will be transferred at 10:00 pm, Embassy interpreter immediately called the jail authorities who said that Ms. Veloso is in prison and that they did not know anything about the transferring to Nusa Kambangan.

·      Likewise, a letter from the Prosecutors Office sent to Rudyantho and Partners intended for the family of Ms. Veloso and transmitted to them on April 23, only contained a general statement that the transfer of Ms. Veloso to Nusa Kambangan Island will be determined at a later date.

24 Apr 2015 ·      Jakarta PE reported that Ms. Veloso was transferred from Wirogunan Prison to Nusa Kambangan (the island where death convicts are executed) at 2:00 am.


*Note: Jakarta PE and Mary Jane’s Counsel did not receive an official notice on the said transfer. The letter intended for Mary Jane’s family that was received from the Prosecutors Office on 23 April stated that the transfer of Mary Jane to Nusa Kambangan will be determined at a later date.


·      Ms. Veloso’s family, assisted by 2 DFA officers and by Jakarta PE’s Consul General Manalo and interpreter, left for Yogyakarta in accordance with the earlier plan to visit Ms. Veloso in Wirogunan Prison. Since Ms. Veloso had already been transferred, the entire group immediately proceeded by land travel to Cilacap, from where the ferry to Nusa Kambangan originates. (Cilacap is about 173 kilometers from Yogyakarta.)


·      The private lawyer filed the second appeal for judicial review (Fourth Appeal).

·      At about 4:00 pm, Jakarta PE received a phone call from Indonesian Foreign Ministry, inviting the Embassy to send officials to Cilacap on 25 April for a mid-day meeting about the case of Ms. Veloso. Other Embassies with nationals on death row in Nusa Kambangan Island were also asked to go to the meeting.


·      Ms. Veloso’s common law partner, Mr. Michael Candelaria, and brother, Mr. Christopher Veloso, left for Jakarta to join the other family members of Ms. Veloso, expenses paid by the government.


·      At around 11:40 p.m., Consul General Manalo of Jakarta PE, Atty. Ismail (Mary Jane’s Counsel) and other family members of Mary Jane, met with the Prosecutor for the arrangement of the family visit.

25 April 2015 ·      Meeting with the Prosecutor. The Prosecutor handed over a letter notifying the family of the impending execution of Ms. Veloso but there was no specific date stated.

·      Visit of Family. Around 9:30 a.m., the family members, private lawyers of Ms. Veloso and Embassy representatives were brought by the Prosecutor to Ms. Veloso on Nusa Kambangan Island.

·      Ms. Veloso entrusted to a DFA representative four (4) handwritten letters to the DFA containing her messages to President Aquino, Vice President Binay, Filipino youth, Filipino women, and to those responsible for what happened to her.


·      MFA and AGO briefing for embassy representatives

At 1:30 pm, the Foreign Ministry together with representatives of the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) and the prosecutors of death penalty convicts convened a meeting with representatives/lawyers of the embassies of Australia, Brazil, Nigeria and Philippines.


During the meeting, the technical procedures for the family visits to the island were explained.


·      Issuance of the Notice of Execution. After the meeting, the Attorney General’s Office brought the embassy representatives and lawyers to Nusa Kambangan Island where each embassy was required to meet their respective prosecutors and death penalty nationals. It was only during each embassy’s meeting that they learned that the Notice of Execution was to be handed down to the death penalty convict in the presence of their embassy representatives and lawyers.


·      Ms. Veloso’s common law partner and brother arrived in Cilacap.   Permits were secured for them to join the rest of the family in the jail visit.


26 April 2015 ·      The family of Mary Jane (including her common law partner and brother), along with DFA and Embassy representatives, the private lawyers, the spiritual counselor visited Mary Jane.

·      Mary Jane clarified to her family that she intentionally gave her letters specifically to the DFA representative with a request that they be published.

·      Consul General Manalo also informed Ms. Veloso that her letter addressed to President Joko Widodo, which she gave to the Indonesian National Commission on Violence Against Women, was already circulating in the internet news media and TV news programs.

27 Apr 2015 ·      DFA facilitated the travel of Ms. Darling Veloso, elder sister of Mary Jane, to Indonesia.


·      DFA received information from Jakarta PE that the application for 2nd Judicial Review was denied.


·      On the sidelines of the 26th ASEAN Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, President Aquino spoke personally with President Joko Widodo to appeal for the commutation of Ms. Veloso’s sentence. President Joko Widodo replied that he would respond within the same day.


·      Secretary del Rosario asked for a pull aside meeting with Indonesian Foreign Minister prior to the ASEAN Retreat in Langkawi, Malaysia to follow up on the President’s request conveyed earlier in the day to President Widodo. The Indonesian Foreign Minister informed Secretary del Rosario that she already heard that the Sleman District Court had rejected the application for second Judicial Review filed by the private lawyer and that the Indonesian Attorney General was intent on pushing through with the executions on 28 April 2015.

28 Apr 2015 ·      Ms. Darling Veloso, accompanied by a staff of Jakarta PE, arrived in Cilacap at 8:00 am.


·      Jakarta PE delivered to MFA and the Executive Office of the President of Indonesia the letter of Ms. Veloso addressed to Pres. Widodo. Post conveyed to them the urgency of having the letters reach Pres. Widodo.


·      DFA forwarded to Jakarta PE the letter of Department of Justice Secretary Leila M. De Lima requesting Indonesian Attorney General Dr. H. Muhammad Prasetyo, and Minister of Justice and Human Rights Yasonna H. Laoly to suspend execution of the death sentence of Ms. Veloso in view of the materiality and importance of her testimony to the case filed against Ms. Maria Kristina P. Sergio, Mr. Julius Lacanilao and an individual known as “Ike”.

·      Before leaving Malaysia, the President asked Secretary del Rosario to call Indonesian Foreign Minister Marsudi to discuss the surrender of the recruiter of Mary Jane. He emphasized the importance of cooperation to seize an opportunity to go after the drug syndicate, which will be for the mutual interest of both countries. Absent Mary Jane, this would not be possible. The Philippine Government reiterated its request for a stay of the execution to conclude whatever legal process would be involved. The Indonesian Foreign Minister said she would relay this to President Widodo.

·       From the arrival of the President and his delegation Tuesday afternoon from the ASEAN summit in Malaysia to the early morning of Wednesday, internal discussions with the Indonesian government were held in an effort to have Mary Jane’s life spared. During this time, a fourth letter of appeal from the President was submitted to President Widodo.

29 Apr 2015  

·      At around 2:30 a.m., the DFA announced to the media, “We are relieved that the execution of Mary Jane was not carried out. The Lord has answered our prayers.”

·      At around 11:30 a.m., SFA gave a press conference where he read the statement of the DFA on the stay of execution of Mary Jane Veloso.

·      Ms. Veloso’s family returned to Yogyakarta.