Statement: The Presidential Spokesperson on Ninoy Aquino Day

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Statement of Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda
On Ninoy Aquino Day

[Released on August 21, 2015]

It has been thirty-two years since Senator Ninoy Aquino laid down his life for his country. He came home to try to convince the dictator to restore democracy to avoid plunging the country into a violent revolution. But he paid for this idealism with his life. His assassination inspired millions to fight against the dictatorship through peaceful means. Today, these sentiments remain strong even among those who were not yet around at the time, as history has seared this image of ultimate sacrifice into our collective memory.

The years between Senator Aquino’s assassination in 1983 and Ferdinand Marcos’ departure in 1986 were characterized by the very values that the senator espoused in his undelivered arrival statement: faith, unity, and nonviolent struggle. His words—“the willing sacrifice of the innocent is the most powerful answer to insolent tyranny”—rang especially true in light of his assassination, and served to empower the Filipino people during the revolution.

In honor of Senator Aquino, and in commemoration of his 32nd death anniversary, the PCDSPO has prepared a special page which details his life and legacy. Among the contents featured on the page are a comprehensive timeline of the senator’s life, infographic maps on his fateful return to the Philippines, historical photos, as well as essays and interviews on his character and influence. We hope that the public will find these resources valuable, as we all come together in solemn remembrance and reflection.