Elementary schools in Luzon to receive digital pianos

To address the lack of musical instruments in public schools, the Department of Education and Booyoung Company Korea turned over 5,000 digital pianos and 50,000 metallic boards to elementary schools across the National Capital Region, Central Luzon, and Southern Tagalog regions.


“As we continue to distribute the digital pianos to many other schools […] we are certain that the music of both Filipinos and Koreans will resound so much better in the world allowing us to create a whole new global community where we are all brothers and sisters. Hopefully, the first note and the music that we will start will be one through the kindness and generosity of the Booyoung Company and most specially, Dr. Lee.” said Education Secretary Armin A. Lusitro.

Booyoung Company Chairman Dr. Lee Joong-Keun emphasized his belief in education and has been exerting efforts to providing children all over the globe the learning environment that they deserve.

“We hope that this donation could contribute to the development of the educational infrastructure of the Philippines to help the children grow to be the leader of national economic development. We will do our best to contribute to expand cultural interchange with all of the world, and pay more attention to improvement of educational environment and support to help the future generation to grow up as a global leader.” said Joong-Keun.

The project reaffirms the friendship of the Philippines and the Republic of Korea.

Discussion on the donation began in 2014 between the two parties and was assisted by the Korean Embassy of the Philippines.

—From the Department of Education