State Universities to adopt participatory budgeting

Starting with the 2017 National Budget, student and faculty organizations will participate in the crafting of State Universities and Colleges’ budget proposals.

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“After consultations between DBM, CHED, and the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges since the start of the year, we’re excited to announce that the consultative process at the core of our Bottom-up Budgeting and Budget Partnership Agreement programs will be adopted by our 114 institutions of higher education by 2017,” Budget Secretary Florencio B. Abad said.

The program was rolled out during the first of five consultation workshops to be held across the country over the next three weeks. During the consultations, State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) will be oriented with the process of engaging communities in budget preparation and execution.

SUCs have received increased budgetary support from the National Government since 2010:

Total appropriations (in thousand pesos)

2010 GAA 2011 GAA 2012 GAA 2013 GAA 2014 GAA 2015 GAA 2016 GAA














This new initiative will help ensure that SUCs get the most out of their annually increasing budgets by addressing the needs of their students and faculty.

The consultative process will give ample opportunity for the voices of the students and the faculty to be heard. It is expected that the consultations and agreements that come from this initiative will fuel greater trust between the administrations of our SUCs and the students who want to get the most out of their education.

CHED is in the process of formulating the 2017-2022 Action Plan for the SUCs’ Roadmap for Public Higher Education Reform. An important facet of the proposed plan is increased consultation between SUCs and their stakeholders.

Under the new program, SUCs will invite representatives of stakeholder groups such as students, faculty, alumni, and other staff to general assemblies. During the assemblies, stakeholders will be introduced to the Budget Partnership Agreement (BPA) process and to a menu of possible priority projects to choose from.

Once the priority projects or programs are identified by the stakeholders, they will enter into the BPA with the SUC, a contract signed by the institution President and the selected representatives from the students, faculty, non-teaching personnel, and alumni. The signed contract will outline the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders and specify the scope of the projects.

This initiative has received strong support from the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges.

—From the Department of Budget and Management