Testimonials: the legacy of the Aquino administration

The Department of Budget and Management has released a video series showcasing the positive response the administration has received for the various projects implemented within the last six years. Watch for yourself the testimonials of those who’ve experience the reforms under Daang Matuwid, how their lives have changed for the better, and how they hope to continue down this path.


On the Department of Public Works and Highways: The reconstruction and completion of Aluling bridge in Cervantes, Ilocus Sur has saved lives and improved local businesses. Watch the testimonies of the locals.]

On the Department of Social Welfare and Development: The Modified Conditional Cash Transfer program under the DSWD gives street families the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty and improve the quality of their lives. Hear it from beneficiaries of Metro Manila.

On the National Electrification Administration: Under the Sitio Electrification Program of the National Electrification Administration, rural areas now have electricity. Hear what the locals of Sagay have to say.

On the Department of Interior and Local Government: The relocation of informal settler families allowed them to build a better and more secure community, which was to them something previously unthinkable. Hear it from the beneficiaries of the program themselves.