BIR releases sin tax collection

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The excise tax collection from the sin products (cigarettes and alcohol) for January to February 2016 amounted to P18.46 billion:

Products Excise Tax
(in billions)
(in billions)
(in billions)
of excess
Tobacco products P10.86 P9.93 P0.93 9.35%
Fermented liquors P5.55 P4.24 P1.31 31.00%
Distilled spirits/compounded liquors P2.06 P2.02 P0.03 1.63%
Grand total P18.46 P16.19 P2.27 14.05%

There was an increase of total collection from sin products in January to February of this year over January to February of last year:

Products Excise Tax in Jan-Feb 2016
(in billions)
Excise Tax in Jan– Feb 2015 (in billions) Increase/Decrease (in billions) Percent increase over previous year
Tobacco products P10.86 P7.29 P3.57 48.91%
Fermented liquors P5.55 P4.28 P1.27 29.54%
Distilled spirits/compounded liquors P2.06 P1.87 P0.19 10.19%
Grand total P18.46 P13.44 P5.02 37.36%

Total volume withdrawals for January to February of this year against the same period last year:

Products January to February 2016 January to February 2015 Increase Percent increase over previous year
Cigarettes (packs) 400,858,000.00 301,592,400.00 99,265,600.00 32.91%
Fermented liquors(liters) 258,328,534.08 216,761,554.24 41,566,979.84 19.18%
Distilled spirits/sompounded liquors/wines (proof liters) 58,650,245.96 55,226,877.43 3,423,368.53 6.20%

—From the Bureau of Internal Revenue