Deadline for filing income tax on April 15


April is Tax Awareness Month, by virtue of Proclamation No. 812, s. 2005. Or at least it should be, as the Proclamation did not extend its scope to the Aprils of every year following 2005. Nevertheless, it would be appropriate to consider your taxes this month since this coming April 15 is the annual deadline for filing your income tax returns (ITRs).

To ease you through this process, we’ve compiled the following materials to help you navigate the world of a tax paying citizen:

How to file your income tax returns

Who are required to pay file income tax returns?

In 2014, the Bureau of Internal Affairs launched, a website that will help you prepare to file your income tax. Under the slogan of RFP: Register File and Pay, the income tax filing process is broken down into three easy steps:

Taxes directly fund key programs and services provided by the government. The salaries of public servants, such as teachers, and police officers, are funded by taxes. Public education, roads, and healthcare are also funded by taxes.

Taxes belong to the public, and the public must demand transparency and accountability from all levels of government in the use of public funds.

Look at how you’ve contributed to society by paying your taxes: