Additional light rail vehicles for MRT-3 to be assembled

The fifth and sixth of 48 new light rail vehicles (LRV) for the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) will be unloaded and assembled on Sunday at the MRT-3 Taft Avenue Station.

Prototype 2 (1)
Photo of the MRT-3 prototype

To ensure the safety of motorists near the work site, the innermost lane along EDSA southbound near the intersection of EDSA and Taft Avenue will be closed from tomorrow, 10 p.m., to Sunday, 12 p.m.

The public is advised to take alternative routes to and from their destinations.

Once the LRVs are fully assembled and the necessary checks on the electrical and other components are completed, the train coaches will be subjected to static and dynamic testing to ensure the reliability of parts.

The 48 new LRVs are part of the Department of Transportation and Communications’ MRT-3 capacity expansion project, which aims to decongest the metropolis’ busiest railway system by boosting its capacity to over 800,000 daily passengers.

—From the Department of Transportation and Communications