Executive Order No. 1, s. 2016





WHEREAS, the Office of the President of the Philippines is mandated to manage the overall development process and advance national development goals stipulated in the Philippine Development Plan, the President’s Inaugural Address, and the President’s Governance Agenda;

WHEREAS, the Administration aims to advance development goals and uplift the quality of life of all Filipinos through a holistic, convergent, and participatory approach to leadership and governance;

WHEREAS, the Office of the President consists of various agencies that carry out responsibilities pertinent to development and management, general government administration and internal administration;

WHEREAS, the attainment of national development goals requires the efficient, responsive, and just allocation of resources by eliminating duplication or overlapping of common functions, maximizing research utilization with minimum disruption to operations, coordinating efforts more closely, sharing information, and consistently working in a collaborative manner;

WHEREAS, the Executive Secretary, Cabinet Secretary, and Special Assistant to the President endeavor to proactively collaborate to promote the efficient delivery of services under the Office of the President;

WHEREAS, Article VII, Section 17 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution provides that the President shall have control of all the executive departments, bureaus and offices;

WHEREAS, Presidential Decree (PD) No. 1416 (Granting Continuing Authority to the President of the Philippines to Reorganize the National Government), as amended by PD 1772, provides that the President of the Philippines shall have continuing authority to reorganize the administrative structure of the National Government; and

WHEREAS, Section 31, Chapter 10, Title III, Book III of Executive Order No. 292 or the “Administrative Code of 1987” provides for the continuing authority of the President to reorganize the administrative structure of the Office of the President;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE, President of the Philippines, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the Philippines, do hereby order:

SECTION 1. Agency Supervision. The Cabinet Secretary shall have supervision over the following agencies:

  • Cooperative Development Authority
  • Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council
  • National Anti-Poverty Commission
  • National Commission on Indigenous Peoples
  • National Commission on Muslim Filipinos
  • National Food Authority
  • National Youth Commission
  • Office of the President – Presidential Action Center
  • Philippine Commission on Women
  • Philippine Coconut Authority
  • Presidential Commission on the Urban Poor
  • Technical Education Skills Development Authority

With the supervision of the Cabinet Secretary, these agencies shall primarily evaluate existing poverty reduction programs and, if deemed necessary, formulate a more responsive set of programs complementing existing ones, channeling resources as necessary to reduce both the incidence and magnitude of poverty.

They shall develop specific programs and projects that seek to reduce poverty, improve the lives of the most vulnerable sectors of society; promote social education of the people to allow them to participate in effecting real change by keeping watch of the affairs of the government; and listen to people’s feedback.

They shall conduct consultations with LGUs for the proper allocation of resources and program implementation and recommend courses of action for the government to adopt to achieve a sustainable system of meeting the needs of the people, while ensuring resiliency for vulnerable communities.

SECTION 2. Consolidating the Office and Functions of the Office of the Special Assistant to the President, the Office of the Appointments Secretary, and the Presidential Management Staff under the Special Assistant to the President and creating the Office of the President – Events Management Cluster. The Office of the Special Assistant to the President (OSAP), the Office of the Appointments Secretary, and the Presidential Management Staff (PMS) are hereby placed under the oversight of the Special Assistant to the President (SAP).

Relatedly, the Office of the President – Events Management Cluster (OP-EMC) is hereby created to ensure effective collaboration among the offices and/or units involved in the preparations for and management of Presidential engagements. It shall be composed of the PMS, Presidential Security Group (PSG), Office of the Chief Presidential Protocol, Media Accreditation and Relations Office (MARO), and Radio-Television Malacañang (RTVM).

  • The OSAP. The OSAP shall be composed of the Private Offices of the President, including the Appointments Office, which shall handle the scheduling of activities of the President; and the Presidential Management Staff (PMS), including Presidential appointments processing, and management of Presidential engagement as head of OP-EMC.
  • Powers and Functions. The OSAP shall be headed by an appointee with the position Presidential Assistant II with the rank of Secretary, who shall oversee and supervise the implementation of improvements in the systems and processes in place to maximize efficiency and effectivity in management.
  • Personnel and Staffing Complement. The OSAP shall be composed of its organic number of personnel and shall be reinforced by the personnel of the consolidated and merged offices which are necessary to support its mandate.

SECTION 3. Common Staff Support System. The PMS shall support the Executive Secretary in the provision of policy inputs to the President in the management of affairs pertaining to the Government of the Republic of the Philippines; and to the Cabinet Secretary in the provision of substantive and logistical support to the Cabinet and in the monitoring and execution of Cabinet directives.

SECTION 4. Separability Clause. If any part or provision of this Executive Order is held invalid or unconstitutional, any part or provision not affected thereby shall remain in full force and effect.

SECTION 5. Repealing Clause. All laws, decrees, orders, proclamations, circulars, rules, regulations, and other enactments, or parts thereof, which are inconsistent with any of provision of this Executive Order are hereby repealed, amended, or modified accordingly.

SECTION 6. Effectivity. This Order shall take effect immediately upon publication in one (1) newspaper of general circulation.

DONE, in the City of Manila, this 30th day of June in the year of our Lord two thousand and sixteen.



President of the Philippines

By the President:


Executive Secretary