From The Office Of The Presidential Spokesperson On the UN executive to PH


On the UN executive to PH


– The unparalleled success of PRRD’s drive against the drug apparatus deeply entrenched in Philippine politics, police force and apparently certain personalities in the judicial, now also draws unwarranted attention from external observers.

In an unofficial exchange between Legal Counsel and UN mouthpieces, the latter assumed they were offered an invitation to come and investigate the spike in drug related deaths being labeled as extra-judicial, or a license to kill freely.

The President has made it clear that arresting officers are allowed to defend themselves, their lives or team. The same police enforcers are subject to rule of law should they go beyond their mandate.

Beyond these, the President operates under the presumption of regularity in the drive against drugs.

The President therefore finds the pronouncements from certain bodies as unwelcome meddling in national matters.

The Drug Situation is being responsibly addressed by Philippine authorities, and so-called investigations by third parties are objectionable interference in the household affairs of a nation whose citizens welcome the change that the President and his people friendly policies and programs being set in place.

The liberal Western values being imposed upon an Asian nation that places premium on common good is both insensitive and displays a lack of appreciation for the diversity of global culture.

The Philippines has not extended any invitation to any body, nor the U.N. to look into its national affairs. We are capable of our own internal dialogue.