PRRD rallies soldiers to fight corruption, illegal drugs

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Tuesday rallied the armed forces to fight the culture of corruption and illegal drugs as he expressed confidence of forging peace with the communists and Muslim separatist.

The President presided over the oath taking of 75 newly promoted generals and flag officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) led by General Ricardo Visaya, who is the Chief of Staff of the AFP at the Rizal Hall in Malacañang. The event was also witnessed by their respective families.

“My congratulations. I give my snappy salute and we will work together. You will have all the things the best that we can afford,” PRRD said assuring that soldiers’ salary will be increased before the year ends

In his speech, the President stressed that he wants to hand over to the next generation of Filipinos a government that is drug free and clean, ending the culture of corruption.  The President said this as he emphasized the reason for declaring vacant appointive positions in the government especially those in the regulatory offices.

“Ako naman, utusan lang ng gobyerno (I am just your servant in government) and I’m here to see that you are comfortable and that if you need anything just tell me.”

The President also mentioned corruption that happens even in the bidding of the smallest item.

On the peace efforts of the government, Duterte said: “I am the President, my duty is to seek peace, not to wage war, that is not my primary duty. I think we will have a good chance for the future of your children, a really brighter than what is now.” (PPA/LTA/PND)