Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte During The 18th Founding Anniversary Of Volunteers Against Crime And Corruption

[Rizal Hall, Malacañan Palace | 29 August 2016]


Maupo ho kayo.

Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III; Ambassador Ralte, the Indian Ambassador to the Philippines; General Ronald Dela Rosa; Mr. Dante Jimenez; Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption, the Board of Trustees; Officers and Awardees; fellow workers in government; my beloved countrymen.

Alam mo, it is not only the drug menace that has created a crisis at this country. But we do not seem to agree all. And this is a democratic state. And I will always grant, concede that right to them — How we define justice in this country.

As lawyers of Criminal Law, especially yours truly, I was a prosecutor for 10 years. And in school, there are two schools of thought taught in our schools. One is that — It’s the classical theory, that you pay for your crime. The other is the positivists — which is actually the one adopted in most of the countries now, around the world — is that there is always a chance for the criminal to recreate himself and brought back to the mainstream of society. I agree. But not to all.

Which is the better gamble? Me, I stick to an eye for an eye and a tooth for— ‘Yung ganon na istorya kasi ako I believe in the classical theory.

Lahat naman tayo, justices, lahat dito, taga-gobyerno, si Senate President is a bar topnotcher. But ultimately, at the end of the day, it is how you characterize yourself, kung ano ka.

It’s not really dependent on the professors or the learned lecturers of our country. But I said, it is always how you gauge yourself as a human being.

Ang problema dito — I said different interpretations and different you know, those pretenders and also know too much or know too little. Dito tayo nagbabanggaan. Kasi, when I was pondering on whether or not I would run for the presidency, foremost in my mind was the problem now of drugs, corruption, and criminality on the streets.

The criminals had a hay day. I do not want to attribute anything to any previous administration, but I would say hinayaan nila, hinayaan nila ang droga.

And I was a mayor of Davao City, I was the favorite whipping boy of the human rights people. Well, of course, if that is their belief, then so be it. But the problem is we do not agree or we cannot agree on our basic principles — how we look upon crime, criminality, and the application of the judicial interpretation of Criminal Law.

Meron doon na mga hardliner, meron naman ‘yung scholarly journey in this world. You know, we only live once. We cannot come back here again to correct our errors.

Now during my campaign, I was hitting hard kasi galit ako sa gobyerno for actually letting the monsters to grow and grow. And I did not even realize until I became President, how much widespread and the dimensional problems of the drug industry.

You know, si… ’yung director general ng PDEA, si General… he was with me. No, he’s the present one. ‘Yung…. Well, they made an accurate, almost an accurate estimate that the drug was about, the addicts rather, numbered around three million. 

Noong na-presidente ako— In Davao, it was clean and I would be very frank with you, in front of everybody and the nation — in Davao you can walk.  Wala naman masyadong rape, but there are nakawan pero hindi naman ganon na ‘yung papatayin ka, i-rape pa ‘yung pamilya mo.

‘Nong… Alam mo prosecutor ako, and maybe ultimately ‘yung persecution complex baka pumasok sa isip ko.

But that ain’t the case dito, individual ‘yun eh. Kaso for kaso. Well, I look at the guy, just also the body language, totoo itong yawa na ito. Parang ganon.

I have acquired that sense of… 10 years of doing trial work. Nakahalata na ako na mahirap kung hayaan ko lang ito nong mayor ako. 1988 was the crossroads sa ating bayan. And there were a lot of guns issued to people without any investigation of whether he can handle a firearm in his hands.

And because of the desire of the government at that time to get rid of the communist in my city, ‘yung Alsa Masa. And every Tom, Dick, and Harry, who claim to be an anti-communist guy in town, was issued a firearm. And the manufacturing of the ‘paltik’ or the home-made guns, which is also very good, actually was produced inside the police main headquarters in Davao City.

There was a lathe machine and they acquired for accuracy of you know — Talagang finished product very good because they took in some guys who were expert dito sa machining and everything.

And so pag mayor ko, nawala ‘yung NPA kasi medyo kaibigan ko. Ngayon, hindi na masyado kasi we’re saying just so harsh words. Because maybe I’m, I’m not really… I’m a socialist. I’m the first leftist President of this Republic, but it doesn’t mean to say I’m a member of the Communist Party.

’Yun lang ang ano ko sa pagkatao ko. My paradigm is anak lang kasi ako ng mahirap. We migrated to Davao, it was a long sacrifice for all. Kaya lumaki kami na ganoon and we never tasted ‘yung mga kotse-kotse at that time. It was not until, almost ano na kami, matanda na.

So, ganon ang ano. So, ang paradigm ko, kung madali kung kinausap ang mga komunista. Ang problema pumasok ang criminality. And so, they would just enter any residence in Davao.

Since you cannot withdraw more than 50,000, mahalata eh. The banks would limit you each withdrawal. So, if they asked for a certain amount, kung hindi makautang ‘yung tao, they stayed inside the house as borders and… Well, freeloader and raping the women, all of the women inside that house. Two, three days, parang hinostage nila. 

So doon ako na… sabi ko: This cannot go on. This has to stop. And ‘nong mayor ako sinabi ko: “Go out of the city in 48 hours. Go out of the city lahat kayong mga durugista, mga hold-uppers, all criminals.”

And there was a purge. For those who did not honor the… Eh, patayan talaga. But that’s it. Pagka-lumaban ka, any false move, you know, it was not until after the… nauso ‘yung bomba na self-destruct then blowing everybody out to the heavens.

Noon eh, maghintay ka pa. But in the recent conference of the chiefs of police in Europe and United States, it is now really… it’s agreed among the law enforcers na you make a false move, kasi pag sabi taas ka, taas ka talaga.

If you, if you start to scratch your crotch, ng walang ano… firearm, ayon na ‘yun. So, and that is good and I said to Dela Rosa, that is the theory that we should follow. Why should I sacrifice my, the police?

I am very late because I just came in from Samar then I passed by Tacloban, the policeman that was wounded and the other guy is very stiff there with the wife and children kneeling around the coffin. 

Hindi ko matanggap ‘yung ano na…  You picture somebody, itong mga shabu users, that is why they can commit the bestial acts that a human being can make, because of their brain which is already shrunk.

Hindi maintindihan nitong mga… Gusto ko kayong murahin eh. Hindi ninyo maintindihan, akala ninyo mga bata-bata ‘yan o apostoles ito ni Kristo. God, when you talk about… you know, the bleeding hearts would present: “Eh kasi mahirap lang sila. Bakit ang mga mayaman wala?”

Eh ang mga mayaman naman hindi naman guma… It’s pure business sa mga malalaking tao. Itong yumaman lang sa droga, kagaya nitong mga putang inang pulis. Eh mararaming mga mansyon na ang bahay.

With the active participation of the police and with the corrosive effect of money, which is really very easy since you have a colony of addicts, ‘yun ang nangyari sa ating bayan.

So they picture so lightly and so poignant that a dead idiot there who happens to, you know— If you are a user, then you are a pusher. Unless you are the son of the one of the Forbes billionaire list there, eh talagang—

If you are hooked, you have to take it, you have to have the fix, and you have to find something to get it. Thereby, along the way, committing all crimes and when already skanked, they go around picking children and raping them maski saan, inside a truck or inside a junk. Tsaka wala na, wala ng takot ‘pag naka-ano, hindi nila alam ang utak tumatakbo.

I’ve been dealing with criminals for 10 years. Sino ba naman may gusto na pumatay ng kapwa tao? They think that we celebrate every night. They picture us something like a vicious murderer. Oh well, sabi nga, may international [inaudible], I do not care.

I never had any intention of going international. As a matter of fact, I was not even ready to the last minute to be a national. Eh, small time lang ako po sa Davao.

Pero when I was here, I cannot allow my country to flounder. Because if I do that, then I will compromise this generation and their children. ‘Yan ang naka…

Imagine three million. It’s not a joke, three million addicts. O, how do we fix them? Paano natin gawin? Do we have the hospital? We are operating on a budget.

Gusto ko magmu— So ang budget, which was prepared the previous year is the one that I’m operating on. “Why don’t you just arrest them and place everywhere?” Where do I get the money? You don’t move around in this planet without money. 

‘Yung pera na ginagastos ko ngayon to operate government is part of, ‘yung iniwan ni… Walang other source na, there is a lump sum of 300 billion to take care of the 3.7 million addicts in this country. Wala ‘yan because of ano—

We have to go to Congress. But there’s a hearing now of the budget for next year and that is the time that we are… Kaya nga lumaki pati ‘yung intelligence fund kasi hindi ko siguro kung saan ko ilagay, but I’ve ordered the military to open up their camps. Sila ‘yung may mga lupa eh. Just give me about two hectares of your camp there and where I can place the rehabilitation guys and also their patients.

 And I would need thousands of doctors, thousands of nurses, and maybe millions for the medicines and the psychologists— But you know, as the experts have really warned us before, six months to one year of shabu use will shrink the brain of a person. O, how do we go about making their brains bloat again? Go to the gasoline station and play the—

Tingnan mo itong Human Rights. I know it is the object, the target really is the establishment, the abuse of government on its own people, that’s really the essence of the— But at some time, you know, even itong mga Abu Sayyaf… you know, I’ve a little blood in me, Maranao ang lola ko. But for the first time, sinabi ko talaga and I’m addressing you now guys: Nawala ang bilib ko sa inyo. Because a Tausug warrior — well that’s according to the stories of, sa mga, dito ako sa Moro community — supposed to be brave and honorable men.

When you killed that child, 7 years old and the others in front of the camera, nawala ang respeto ko sa inyo. That’s why pinadala ko ‘yung mga sundalo.

I know that there will be some reprisals, I’m ready for that. There’s always a drawback there. But you know every time you do that, it a slap on the face of government. And ito ’yung mukha ng gobyerno. 

Well, maybe Congress. But when you… you’re probably saying: What’s wrong, what’s, you know, what’s keeping this country jerky? It’s the face of the President. Kaya mag-ano tayo nito… I would say, just because, so he is a poor and because he was poor — that is the dramatics of these idiots: Poor, so he has special privilege because he’s poor. So, you do not go hard at him. Maybe treatment even though he’s crazy already, you just have to sacrifice for publicity. “O dadalhin namin sa ospital ‘to.” And sa ospital, the hospital would just say: “We’ll take care of him, five days, he goes out. Because we need the bed spaces for the others.” Saan tayo pupunta nito ngayon? Where do I get the billions?

Ang budget ko hanggang diyan lang. Sabi niya: Okay. Kaya in the meantime pinapatay mo na lang. Ay anak ka ng— Papatayin talaga kita. 

Huwag mong… magprangkahan na tayo. Magpatayan talaga tayo dito. I cannot simply define justice that is fair to all. Life is never fair. But when you start, you, who is the cause of the cause is the cause of them all. 

Who gave you the right? Forget about God, forget about the laws of men. Just think of the one universal equation. Who gave you the right to cook shabu, sell it to my sons and daughters and make them crazy? Sino?

Huwag muna ‘yang Diyos. Huwag munang batas. Wala munang Human Rights. Huwag muna ‘yung sabi mong mga vigilantes. Who gave you the right to distribute shabu and destroy a community?

You are going to destroy my country, you will die. Anak ka ng— Magklaro tayo dito. I will not allow it. I will not compromise the next generation, patay sila. Maraming pamilya ngayon… if there is in a family, may drug pusher or drug user, sira ang pamilya. Automatically, that family becomes dysfunctional. Kasi magnakaw na ‘yung bata kung wala ng makuha doon sa ano.

Ngayon… sino? Drug lord, there is none. “Where’s the big fish?” They’ve been always asking. “Where, saan sila? My God, I’ll tell you they are, outside of the Philippines.

How they conduct their business? By cellphone. So, maski diyan sa presohan. This is the only country where you conduct business regarding shabu through the cellphone.

So, ayaw naman sa denial. Months before sinasabi na nga may linuluto ng shabu diyan sa loob. And I myself warned, warned the Secretary noon sa previous administration. When she was criticizing me for spitting the words in the Senate hearing sabi ko: ‘Yung mga… ‘yan patayin ko iyan.”

And it was Enrile who also asked me. So I was just responding to— Eh sabi kasi ni Enrile: If you find the smugglers who rise in your city, what will you do? “Ako ang pagkatao ko, ganito, I’ll kill him.”

You rob us seven billion pesos a year? Hindi kita bubuhayin. And, you know, there’s a amigo, I’ll kill people for money. But since you are a drug pusher, I kill you for nothing.

Hindi tayo magkaintindihan dito sa bayan natin. There’s a democracy. Unfortunately, for you I won the election. But what was my— Wala man akong… Ni wala akong senador, wala na ako, si Koko lang mag-isa. [applause]

Meron akong governor, kasi kasintahan ko rin kasi, isang governor na… [laughter] Si Abet Garcia pati si Imee, ‘yun lang ang Governor ko. Wala akong barangay captain, and yet I won by 15 million, six million of that was my margin over them. [applause]

So ang sabi ko noon, pag nga ako… ito ang issue sa atin. It’s not about ‘yung infra infra. Every year may infra talaga ‘yan. That’s the source of corruption. Sabi ko: Hulaan ko. I will do away with corruption. It will be a clean government. Then and now, I will state to you publicly. There will be no corruption in my government. [applause]

Because if you do that, baka ma-isip… I’m not good at Tagalog. If you that, then I’d be, you know, I might try to reinvent you into a drug pusher. “Baka akala ko lang, sorry ha. Eh corrupt ka lang pala eh, akala ko drug pusher ka.” 

Kaya nga eh. He who is the cause of the cause is the cause of them all. You only have yourself to blame. So you should not be shouting na unjust ano.

Sinabi ko na noon eh, when I was… Well the secret really there is Ramos. May pinakita siya sa akin. “Mayor Duterte you read this.” He went to me. So nakita ko. So I just kept quiet. “So, what do you intend to do?” “Sir, wala akong pera, sir, talaga.” “No, no, I’m not…” “What can you do for your country?” Sabi ko sa kanya: I’m not the one who should be fixing this. Baka sila mismo sa militar, andiyan, pulis.

“You have to run because you’re the only one who can do it.”  Sabi ko: “Ano, sir?” Sabi niya: “’Wag na tayong… do not mess up with me. Tumakbo ka.” I refused.

October 16, last… hindi ako nag-file. Nagalit, bumalik ng Davao. “Money, do you want money? I will give you a bank, you run.” “Saang pera, sir?” Sabi niya: “Maghintay ka lang, kasi mag-contribute na ‘yung mga…” Pero may binigay siya diyan sa harap ko. “Here’s the money. Donated by my friends and a little of mine. Here’s the list of the guys if you have to thank.”

And so he was pressing me, so nag-substitute ako. So, what was my program of my government? No corruption in government. I will suppress drugs and crime.

So, ito mga Human Rights, they should have campaigned against me. So how about now the 15 million who voted for me because they want corruption stopped, ‘yung mga tanim-tanim bala diyan… i-zipper kita diyan sa body bag. [applause]

Ako ‘yung tao na ordinaryo lang. Mga Cabinet members ko puro number one, Koko. ‘Yung akin diyan baka hindi niyo kayang… I have assembled the best of men in the Philippines today. Tugade, huwag niyo siyang… he’s a billionaire actually. If you know Art Tugade. When they were students he was already the CEO of Delgado Shipping.

Sonny Dominguez, kababata ko ‘yan, consistent ‘yan valedictorian, okay ‘yan lahat. Yasay, minsan, akala ko may Amerikano ba dito na nagsasalita. Why does—? Pero, kaibigan, kababata ko rin ‘yan. You know why, he’s a son of a Pastor. [inaudible] He learned a lot from his father kaya praktisado ang buang sa… eh kami mga Bisaya lang kasi—

So, we are forced to… When we were first year, eh akala na itong mga Bisaya, titigas ng dila, [inaudible] by the Jesuits Ateneo, so I have to—‘yung basahin na, “You can’t have a brass band.”  [Laughter] “C’mon guys.”

Kasi matigas nga ‘yung dila, kaya nga ‘yung lolo ko ‘pag ganyan, ‘yung mga pari noon. ‘Yung voice and dictions sa first year napaka—. Talagang gaganon ka ng pari. “Now, follow after me: Silly kitkit sitting in the kitchen.” “The old professor [inaudible] to school and broke into copious flow of resources.”

Ang mga Bisaya, tinawanan kami. Talagang nabugbog kami sa ganon ng pari. Totoo. Tatanungin mo ng… Hindi, ang Bisaya kasi matigas eh.

Tingnan mo ha, I’ll give you an example. Itong mga politician, meron silang bata-bata. Hearing this guy every morning: “And now Ladies and Gentlemen, the next song you’ll hear is from Doris Day, singing Day by Day.” Sabi ng nanay ko sa: Ipapatay mo nga… [laughter and applause] Well, that’s life.

But let us be clear on this: I am committed by my oath of office. ‘Yung, ‘yung mga victims, they did not start the process that turned out to be bloody, sila ‘yan. Sila ‘yang nagluto, sila ‘yang nagpapabili. Alam nila na bawal ‘yan, mahirap ka o mayaman.

The world turns every 24 hours in a cycle. It will never stop to listen to you, of your excuses. Just because mahirap ka lang, diyan ka lang hanggang… Ako kung hindi ako sa gobyerno, ang anak ko ni-rape mong babae, bungog ka sa droga, bubuhayin kaya kita?

‘Yung mga sundalo nandon sa Jolo ngayon, they’re still, there’s fighting raging on ngayon sa ano… Binuhos ko talaga ‘yung sundalo doon. Pag-uwi nila malaman nila na ang asawa nila, ‘yung naka… nilulong mo sa droga o anak nila ginalaw mo. Would you think they, you could assuage his anger, his hatred by just one dead body? 

Magwawala ‘yan. Look ganito ‘yan eh. At the start, talagang pinasok namin ‘yung intriga na si ‘A’ ang, nagturo [inaudible] si B ang nagturo sa’yo. So, hayaan mo lang. Hulihin mo at let him out. He wants to fix the things, let him.

Tapos, we need to look for ‘B’, and si ‘C’ naman sabihin namin na si ‘A’ man ang [inaudible] sa’yo. Tapos hulihin namin. O sige: You want to bail? Okay. No po, walang problema paglabas ’yun nga.

So we sowed intrigues. I got it from reading so many books about Mafia. So, it’s just a… sayang walang Mafia dito. I could be the head of Omerta. Bright na ako diyan sa intriga and we started that.

Kaya ‘yung mga balot-balot, it’s torture, that’s not ours. Maniwala ka. Ang intention ko lang, panahon ni Dela Rosa. Hindi nga niya masuklay ‘yung buhok niya. [Laughter] Tapos, magbalot pa siya ng tao? You just shoot the guy and throw him there. Why do you have to—? Ilang oras gawin mo ‘yan? ‘Yan ang trabaho ng kabila. ‘Yan ‘yung torture nila. So hindi lahat ng… baka government, government, lahat na lang government.

That’s the drama that’s being played out to you. So you choose. Me, I’m a hardliner; me, I’m ready to kill because you destroy my country. I’ve been telling you: Do not destroy this generation or if you allow everybody to just come in and invite them to do business sa drug industry, then there is no tomorrow for your grandchildren. Wala, you’ll end up just like the failed states of South America.

Basahin mo ‘yung kay Ioan Grillo, and how they operated led to— ‘Yung mayor noon, babae. She takes her oath of office in the morning, in the afternoon, she’s dead.

That is why I am in favor of… Senator, ‘yung postponement ng election. Because there is a war going on and you know, pag ginamit ng mga ano ‘to, tatapusin ko muna ‘to sila. So, kakapunin ko ‘to, castrate them so that they will not, because otherwise, next thing that you’ll realize is that we have a narco-politics.

Sabi ko: In three to seven years’ time, papasok ‘yan because of the so many billions. And I’ll have to destroy their lieutenants. If the lieutenants is rich, eh ‘di poor, ganon rin. You know, I cannot be selective, there is a war.

Actually my orders to Dela Rosa is: “Destroy them.” My orders to the Armed Forces of the Philippines now fighting the Abu Sayyaf: “Destroy them.”

Wala tayong drama diyan sa… napag-usapan na natin ‘yan. Treatment, UN, treatment of prisoners – not now. We are busy with the… then we will have a reckoning when the day comes and we will answer.

Ako… but let me, let it be known to everybody: ‘Yang pulis, pati military, if I order them to do something against crime and to stop criminality and terrorism, they will have my blessings and I will support them all the way.

I will never, never, never allow a policeman, a soldier to go to prison for doing his duty to the country. [applause] Fight tayo diyan.

Pero ‘yung mga tag-dalawang asawa. Ikaw ba, ilan asawa mo, Chief PNP? Taga-Davao ito, pero I have not heard or if I heard, I did not hear it. [laughter]

So I cannot stay long with you. You know, I’m also invited for dinner ’yung mga may tama na mga sundalo. So, because it is Kagitingan sabi ko: “Let’s have dinner in Malacañan.” So I bought so many wheelchairs, give them computers.

Here’s one lieutenant, who lost his eyes, both nong… ‘yung umiyak sa TV, ‘yung yumakap sa akin. Sabi ko: “Do not worry. I will take care of you. I will reinvent you.”

So he is now learning Braille. Maybe we’ll have something, baka sharpen your memory at magkuha ka ng Law doon sa San Beda. Kausapin ko ‘yung mga pari. Just if he… somebody reading to him. We’ll find out if he can be of service to his country in other way.

‘Yung AFP to may horror actually, huwag kayo maingay sa… dating wala silang MRI, wala silang— Ang building nila was ‘yung drainage, bumabalik na. Paano ‘yan? How about the germs? Wala mang drainage na. So sabi ko, you condemn it, then I’ll give you a new building. I gave them almost half a billion pesos. 

And sabi ko itong, let me discuss. Mga negosyante tayo. [Speaks in Bisaya]. I’m talking to him, delivering a speech. I’ll end at three minutes. Ganito ‘yan eh, itong, itong lowest bid tanggalin natin ‘yan. It’s the source of all corruption.

I will not compromise the Armed Forces by… Nandito ‘yung COA, sabihin ko sa’yo: “Oh my God I will not follow you.” Kasi lahat corruption ‘yan eh. ’Yung pinakababa walang capital ‘yun, laway lang. Mag-imbento ng korporasyon gaya ng MRT natin. And ‘yung, kaya nangyari sa Crame nag-express.

Pag sagot ni… Eh kung siyempre may negosyo ka, tutubo ka, wala patay na. Kasi gusto bidding, tatama ‘yan eh. It should be quality first. Ang specification is quality. Durable because it’s being used by government. But let’s cut this crap of lowest bid, lowest bid. Walang capital ‘yan, i-sub-contract niya ‘yan. Tapos ‘yung 20 percent, alam mo na.

Tapos another 20. Would you believe it, even the barangay captain signs the completion sa barangay niya. So, he gets another two, three percent. So ang project mo— Kaya ang mga sundalo sabi ko, ito, itong mga sundalo one day puputok ‘to, because they go around the country.

Would you believe it, may airport, ang airport akala ko… “Ano ‘to?” “Airport, sir.” “Bakit may building?” Parang basketball court. Tinignan ko sa record kumpleto. Talo pa ang NAIA eh.

Kaya ganito ‘yan, ‘yung 100 kilometers, pwede talaga mag lowest bid ka, ang dadating sa’yo it’s about 60. Ganon ‘yan, kung sino ang makabigay. Ikarga niya doon sa kanyang contact price. Better disabuse your, itong ano… ‘yung lowest bid, lowest bid. It’s just a source of corruption.

Tapos maraming na-filan (file)ng kaso. Ako, filan (file) mo ako ng kaso, sipain kita. I would not compromise with the… There’s only two sources, two countries where we can buy the… you know. 

Eh magbili ka sa iba, lalagyan nila ng bakukang ‘yan diyan eh. Nakikinig sila sa atin 24 oras. Tapos ‘yun ang lowest bid mo, kalokohan. Kaya I have—we have to talk to the… itong COA.

Sometimes you know, when the integrity of the Republic is at stake, do not give me that shit about the, kailangan magbili si ano ng lowest bid. Tapos ‘yung mga baril, naku. There, I said, only two sources, two countries where we can buy the armaments and especially the gadget for intelligence gathering.

I have to inform you this because you must know. Alam ko hindi niyo alam ito pero… I’ve been, 23 years akong sa gobyerno, 10 years akong prosecutor. One term ako congressman, one term ako ‘yung vice mayor ako ‘nong anak ko ‘yung nanuntok, ‘yung si Inday.

Ganon ang istorya ng buhay ko. But I’m happy that we are here. Eh ‘yung… kasi ‘pag sinabi na victims of crime and corruption, lahat tayo may tama, kasi taxpayers tayong lahat eh.

You know, but they said. Let us give the, our people the respite sa corruption. I’ll give them six years. I will be very harsh, very strict, only because it is not our own money that they are spending.

It’s the people’s money. So I agree with the vision… with your vision na sa ating country and I suppose that dapat na tayo kasi marami…. Alam mo pag ang tao bored na, mag-sige kamot ng kamay, kung ano ang kati-kati na lang. I now realize it’s time to stop talking.

Maraming salamat po.