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Total foreign aid pledged:

PHP 73,307,438,834.36

(USD 1,643,038,277.66)

total cash pledged:

PHP 45,109,273,248.49

(USD 1,011,033,311.26)

total non-cash pledged:

PHP 28,198,165,585.87

(USD 632,004,966.40)

Foreign Aid Received:

PHP 17,233,297,910.67

(USD 386,249,588.96)

Total cash received by government:

PHP 1,202,312,574.78

(USD 26,947,409.61)

total non-cash received by government:

PHP 1,269,787,369.01

(USD 28,459,720.94)

Total received by NGOs, Multilateral and others:

PHP 14,761,197,966.88

(USD 330,842,458.41)

Forex: 1 USD = PHP44.617 source: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Infographic on Cash and Goods flow
Donors and Multilateral Organizations