Recommendations of the Department of Justice on Plunder raps over the Malampaya Fund

On October 3, 2013, the Department of Justice – National Bureau of Investigation submitted to the Office of the Ombudsman its recommendations on charges to be filed in relation to the Malampaya fund. The recommendation includes plunder charges against 20 individuals, including former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and former Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita.

Balintang Channel Incident report

This is the Executive Summary and full report on the incident that occurred in the Balintang Channel on May 9, 2013, which involved an encounter between members of the Philippine Coast Guard and fishermen from Taiwan. This report was submitted by the Department of Justice.

West African drug syndicate member arrested by NBI

A June 10, 2013, press release from the National Bureau of Investigation: In an attempt to smuggle illegal drugs into the country by swallowing improvised capsules, a member of the West African drug Syndicate was caught Friday evening in close coordination with the Bureau of Immigration, the Airport Task Force on Drug Couriers and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).