Proclamation No. 1902, s. 2009

Signed on September 30, 2009: Excluding from the coverage of Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) No. 210672 an area of 4.7 hectares and reserving the same for the Kalinga sa Kawal off-base housing project of the 303rd brigade, Philippine Army, situated in barangay Minoyan, municipality of Murcia, province of Negros Occidental, island of Negros

Proclamation No. 1904, s. 2009

Signed on September 30, 2009: Reserving parcels of land of the public domain as municipal public market site, municipal town hall site, municipal public auditorium site, and municipal park site purposes for the local government unit of San Manuel, Pangasinan, situated in barangay Poblacion, municipality of San Manuel, province of Pangasinan, island of Luzon

Memorandum Order No. 303, s. 2009

Signed on September 29, 2009: Request for the concurrence of the President of the Republic of the Philippines in the deputation of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the National Police Commission and the Philippine National Police for the purpose of ensuring free, orderly, honest, peaceful and credible conduct of the September 26, 2009 plebiscite to ratify the creation of barangay Upper Pugaan in the municipality of Ditsaan-Ramain, province of Lanao del Sur, pursuant to Muslim Mindanao Autonomy Act (MMAA) No. 186