Closing remarks of the President of the Constitutional Commission at the final session, October 15, 1986

My colleagues, today we are called upon to present to the Filipino people and to the community of nations the historic document which our hearts and minds have brought into existence with much love and dedication. For the first time in the history of constitution-making in this country, the word “love” is enshrined in the fundamental law. Love is imperative if peace is to be restored in our nativeland, for without love there can be no peace.

Sponsorship speech of Commissioner Guingona on the draft of the 1987 Constitution, October 12, 1986

Today, we have completed the task of drafting a Constitution which is reflective of the spirit of our time -a spirit of nationalism, a spirit of liberation, a spirit of rising expectations. Mr. Presiding Officer, on behalf of this Commission’s Sponsorship Committee, I have the honor to move for the approval of the draft Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines on Second Reading.

Excerpts from the Record of the Constitutional Commission, July 26, 1986: Discussions on creating the Office of the Ombudsman

“The Committee decided to make a distinction between the purely prosecutory function of the Tanod-bayan and the function of a pure Ombudsman who will use the prestige and persuasive powers of his office. To call the attention of government officials to any impropriety, misconduct or injustice, we conceive, the Ombudsman as a champion of the citizens.”