Inaugural Address of President Macapagal, December 30, 1961

It is incorrect to say that we are out to solve all the problems of the Nation. No President can do that. Nation-building is an exacting and endless endeavor. No President can build the whole edifice of a nation. All that he is called upon to do, is to add a fine stone to that edifice, so that those who shall come after him may add other fine stones that will go for a strong and enduring structure.

Speech of President Carlos P. Garcia during the Inaugural Program of the 6th National Convention of Filipino Businessmen, in Baguio City, at 9:30 a.m., March 3, 1960

The pressure of population which increases at the rate of close to three per cent annually, the problems of unemployment and underproduction, the difficulties attendant to industrialization—these are some of the major obstacles that stand in our way.

Speech of President Garcia at the Inauguration of the Newly Reconstructed Municipal Hall of San Juan, Rizal, August 28, 1959

Our people have shown their maturity time and again, to differentiate between fact and fiction. And I am confident that you will once more rise to the occasion and do justice by those who have your welfare at heart. I stand on my record. Let the opposition equal this.

Inaugural Address of President Garcia

With my oath of office goes my solemn pledge of dedicated service to the nation. Invoking the guidance of Divine Providence and the memory of my illustrious predecessors, I take upon myself the tremendous responsibilities of national leadership with the courage and fervor inspired by the warm national unity in dedication and devotion to country.

Remarks of President Garcia after his assumption to office to succeed the late President Magsaysay

Nevertheless, with the aid of Divine Providence, I accept; in all humility this difficult task upon taking my oath of office. With abiding faith in our people, I know that in a moment of crisis like this, they always rise equal to the situation. In the days that lie ahead, I will welcome honest and constructive criticism, if it will redound to the public good.

Inaugural Address of President Quirino

I have taken the oath of office with courage and confidence, because I know that the well‑springs of our national strength are abundant and inexhaustible. Our history is the history of a growing and expanding nation, a nation that for four hundred years has kept green its love of liberty and ever fresh its desire for progress.

Inaugural Remarks of President Quirino after the Demise of President Roxas, April 17, 1948

In memory of our great and illustrious friend who is now lying in state, let us pledge ourselves to establish better and closer understanding among us, and I beseech you to manifest more tolerance, goodwill, and love, which we need in this supreme moment of our history.