Speech of President Arroyo during the launching ceremonies of the Framework Plan for Women in celebration of International Women’s Day

Ang kapangyarihan ng kababaihang Pilipino ay napaka-importante sa pangkalahatang kapakanan ng ating tinatawag na human resources. Mahaba na ang ating naabot pero mahaba pa rin ang ating kailangang maabot bago natin masabi na buong-buo na ang kapangyarihan ng ating kababaihan.

Speech of President Arroyo during the National Intelligence Summit

Surprise is the advantage of small, clandestine cells operating beyond the primary focus of intelligence networks. Again and again, it has been proven that intelligence systems, no matter how elaborate and sophisticated, have loopholes somewhere. These loopholes are a result of either human or technical failure. They are somehow discovered by terrorist cells that gain an advantage, which enables them to strike at will, with deadly effect.

Speech of President Arroyo during the launching ceremony of Amando Doronila’s books

Today, the real issue should be competence, the character of a presidential candidate, and the people the candidate is associated with. If a candidate is associated with shadowy characters, we have an early warning sign of crony corruption and compromises that could tie the hands of a new government in tackling the economic crisis in initiating reforms.