Speech of President Arroyo during the opening ceremonies of the 2nd National Convention of the Chinese-Filipino Business Club, Inc. (CFBCI)

And from our people, from the business community, the Chinese community, the whole community, I ask for your patience and understanding. You have done your part in putting back morality and intelligence in government. It is now the government’s turn to put faith in the future back in your hearts. Kaya kayo, mga Filipino-Chinese community, mga namumuno sa Chinese-Filipino Business Club, maraming salamat.

Speech of President Arroyo during the 12th Supreme National Congress of the Associated Labor Unions (ALU)

And so today, I am very happy. Nalipay ko nakauban ang atong mga kaigsuunan diri sa Cebu apel sa selebrasyon sa komemorasyon sa People Power. At ako ay nasisiyahan na kasama ang manggagawang Pilipino. Kasi gaya ng sinabi ko noong new year’s message ko, itong taong ito 2002, this is a year that we will dedicate to the great Filipino worker.

Speech of President Arroyo during the Philippine Forum 2002

As the thinkers, achievers, and leaders who will navigate our country in the new millennium, I call on you, the successor generation, to stay with us in our bold aspiration to win the battle against poverty by tapping the new opportunities of the new economy because that is what you are: you, the successor generation are the new economy.