Memorandum from the ES on employees covered by MC2

Office of the President of the Philippines Malacañang MEMORANDUM FROM THE EXECUTIVE SECRETARY TO: ALL DEPARTMENT SECRETARIES, HEADS OF AGENCIES AND OFFICES IN THE EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT RE: EMPLOYEES COVERED BY MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 2, SERIES 2010 DATE: October 28, 2010 Pursuant to Memorandum Circular No. 2, (MC 2), Series 2010 and in the exigency of […]

Memorandum addressed to All Concerned Government Officials/Personnel on July 14, 1998

Issued on July 14, 1998: Henceforth, all government officials and also private citizens in the appropriate instances, are enjoined to stop using police escorts, sirens, blinkers, markers, stickers and similar and unnecessary symbols of authority and influence, except the following officials: The President of the Philippines, The Vice President of the Philippines, The Senate President, The Speaker of the House of Representatives, and The Chief of Justice of the Supreme Court