Watch the 2013 SONA of President Benigno S. Aquino III from Batasang Pambansa, Quezon City. The broadcast is brought to you by the Presidential Broadcast Staff, Radio-Television Malacañang (RTVM).


The 2013 State of the Nation Address

"Ito po ang aking ikaapat na SONA. Noong ako'y Congressman, ang mga taga-Tarlac ang aking lakas; nang ako'y maging Senador, at hanggang ngayon, sa aking pagkapangulo, nariyan ang sambayanan Pilipinas, kayo ang aking lakas. Sa patuloy nating pag-aambagan at pananalig sa kapwa at sa Maykapal, sinasabi ko po sa inyo: Kayo pa rin ang sisigurong magpapatuloy ang ating nasimulan; kayo ang sisigurong mabubura na nang tuluyan ang mga mukha ng katiwalian; kayo ang sisigurong hinding-hindi na tayo muling lilihis sa tuwid na daan."

SONA 2013

English Translation of the 2013 SONA

"This is our fourth SONA. When I was a congressman, the people of Tarlac were my strength. When I became a senator and until now, in my Presidency, the people of our country have been there. You are my strength. As we continue doing our part—and as we continue placing faith in our fellowmen and in God—I tell you: It will still be you who will make certain that what we have begun here will continue; you will be the ones who will make sure that we will completely eradicate corruption; you will be the ones who will make sure that we will never again stray from the straight and righteous path."

SONA 2013 (EN)

SONA Technical Report

Our people and the international community bear witness to the national transformation that has occurred as we endeavored to deliver on our commitments the past three years. Through our good governance reforms, we created a climate of confidence and optimism that translated to economic dividends, allowing us to devote more resources to our priority programs and projects.

SONA Technical Report

Supplementary Material

The SONA: Traditions and History

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